Cafe Kaila|Cafe Kaila's Birthday Surprise

Cafe Kaila's Birthday Surprise

Get a special birthday surprise plate at Cafe Kaila Cafe Kaila Birthday Suprise

★ How the Birthday Surprise service works

Upon entering Cafe Kaila, please inform the staff at the cashier counter that you would like to do a birthday surprise and also please tell the staff the name of whose birthday it is.

We will prepare a plate with "Happy Birthday" and the person's name written in chocolate.

*Please note that we do not accept reservations for this service, so please inform us on the day itself. Thank you for your understanding.

We will lend you a lei (a Hawaiian flower necklace) for the celebrant to wear. This will also let our staff know whose birthday it is. Please wait at your seat until the arrival of your birthday surprise plate.

*Note: Lei must be returned after use

We'll bring your birthday plate, complete with sparklers, to your table. Your birthday has now begun!

While serving the surprise plate, our staff will sing a birthday song. Afterwards, we'll take a photo to commemorate the moment.

Birthday surprise scene